Avery 75500 Index Maker Clear Label Three-Hole Avery 75500 Index Maker Clear Label Three-Hole
Avery 75500 Index Maker Clear Label Three-Hole
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  SKU# 75500 Z02796
AVERY 75500 Index Maker Clear Label Three-Hole Punch View Dividers, Letter, 5/Set


AVERY 75500 Index Maker Clear Label Three-Hole Punch View Dividers, Letter, 5/Set

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Cannot be shipped to Canada, Puerto Rico, PO Box, APO/FPO and USA protectorates.
Manufacturer: AVERY     

Mfg Part#: 75500.    Weight: 1 lb

This product is BRAND NEW.


Versatile as a divider and sheet protector all in one! Perfect to use when your documents need to be placed in sheet protectors and divided with the tabs staying visible. Allows you to use over 100 popular software programs to Click & Create™ the tab labels with Avery® Templates. For better visibility the clear labels virtually disappear when applied to the View Divider tab. Three-hole punched, allowing you to store unpunched inserts.


  • A divider and sheet protector all in one.
  • Allows you to use over 100 popular software programs.
  • Clear labels virtually disappear when applied to the View Divider tab.
  • Three-hole punched.


Tab Style:
Tab Color(s):
Index Divider Size:
11 x 8 1/2
Form Quantity:
1 set
Pre-Consumer Recycled Content Percent:
Post-Consumer Recycled Content Percent:
Total Recycled Content Percent:
Package Includes:
Includes one set.
Country of Origin:

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  • These Index Maker Dividers make getting organized easier and protect your documents at the same time. Whether you're coordinating a single project or multiple binder sets, these dividers let you to get it done quickly and easily with professional results. The dividers are also sheet protectors that keep documents neat and secure, and provide room for colorful section title pages or handouts. The clear labels virtually disappear on the tabs, giving your dividers a clean, printed-on look. Just use the free templates at avery.com/print, and you can personalize and print your tab labels in minutes.

    • Ideal for creating professional dividers in minutes
    • Great for project binders, meeting materials, manuals, training guides, planning binders and more
    • Labels virtually disappear when applied for a printed-on look
    • Durable tabs resist tearing
    • Simply print, stick and peel



  • Printshop Quality, Durable and Easy

    Need custom dividers in a hurry? Avery Index Maker Clear Label Dividers make it easy to create professional-looking documents from your desktop. Simply print labels, align them against tabs, smooth down labels and peel the strip. The Easy Apply™ label strips help you apply multiple labels in seconds. And with free templates from avery.com, you can use your inkjet or laser printer to produce printshop-quality, customized tab labels with sharp text. Just print, peel and press. That's all it takes to organize presentations, reports or reference materials. Available in a variety of different colors.
  • Create printshop-quality documents from your desktop.

    Get a Professional Look—from Your Desktop

    Give your presentations, client binders, reports and office manuals a sharp, professional look. It’s easy to put together projects of all sizes quickly, or make last-minute changes in a snap.
    • Dividers can be customized with content, color and graphics
    • Clear labels virtually disappear when applied to divider tabs, so your text and graphics pop
    • Durable tabs resist tearing and stand up to frequent use
    • Tabs can be labeled on both front and back for easy reference

  • Easy Apply™ Label Strips: Print, Peel and Press

    Only Avery offers Easy Apply™ Label Strips that save you time by helping you label all your divider tabs at once. Each strip holds a complete row of labels for your tab dividers, so it’s easy to create multiple sets quickly and efficiently. Just print your labels, peel the label strip and align them across your tab dividers—and press to apply to all tabs at once.
  • Get professional-looking dividers in three easy steps.

    Free Avery Auto-Fill Templates

    Format and customize your Index Maker Dividers using Avery online templates. With these versatile templates available at no extra cost on avery.com, your printing job gets even easier. They work with any operating system and include an auto-fill feature to quickly create multiple sets. You can even add graphics and print labels for the front and back of each tab. Just open in Word, format and print.
  • Quickly create multiple sets with Auto-Fill templates.
  • Any Project, Any Profession

    Regardless of your line of business, Avery Index Maker products help turn your written work and presentations into professional, printshop-quality documents in just a matter of minutes—right at your desk.
    • Consultants and Marketing Agencies: Provide easy-to-read strategy documents, presentations and proposals
    • Financial Services Professionals: Impress clients with Index Maker tabbed tax preparation materials, portfolio overviews, insurance policy information, financial reports, business plans and more
    • Educators, Health Care Providers and Nonprofit Agencies: Create professional-looking grant proposals and reference materials
    • Human Resources Executives and Government Agencies: Use Index Maker for training manuals, employee handbooks and corporate information
    • Realtors: Present top-notch appraisals and listing proposals
    • Legal Professionals: Store your case documents clearly and professionally
    • At Home: Use Index Maker tabs to organize your personal documents

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