Avery 22807 Round Easy Peel Labels, 2” Dia., Avery 22807 Round Easy Peel Labels, 2” Dia.,
Avery 22807 Round Easy Peel Labels, 2” Dia.,
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  SKU# 22807 Z46294
AVERY 22807 Round Easy Peel Labels, 2” Dia., Glossy, White, 120/Pack


AVERY 22807 Round Easy Peel Labels, 2” Dia., Glossy, White, 120/Pack

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Cannot be shipped to Canada, Puerto Rico, PO Box, APO/FPO and USA protectorates.
Manufacturer: AVERY     

Mfg Part#: 22807.    Weight: 1 lb

This product is BRAND NEW.


Ideal for creating branding or promotional labels. Colors can extend right to the edge of the label. Patented Easy Peel® feature for fast peeling—simply bend the label sheet to expose the Pop-up Edge®, making it quick and easy! Avery offers free, easy-to-use templates. Laser and inkjet compatible.


  • Ideal for creating branding or promotional labels.
  • Colors can extend right to the edge of the label.
  • Patented Easy Peel® feature for fast peeling—simply bend the label sheet to expose the Pop-up Edge®.
  • Avery offers free, easy-to-use templates.
  • Laser and inkjet compatible.
  • Provide vivid colors and sharp text.


Label Size - text:
2" dia.
Label Color(s):
Machine Compatibility:
Inkjet Printers; Laser Printers
Labels Per Sheet:
Sheets Per Unit:
Labels Per Unit:
Labels Across:
120 per Pack
Compliance Standards:
Includes Box Tops for Education® coupon
Pre-Consumer Recycled Content Percent:
Post-Consumer Recycled Content Percent:
Total Recycled Content Percent:
Special Features:
Package Includes:
Includes 120 labels.
Country of Origin:
Item Weight:

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Branding, Merchandising and Promoting

  • Branding

    Branding labels let you easily add your own unique logo and graphics to present a polished, professional look on all your products.
  • Merchandising

    Merchandising products showcase your retail items and bring important features and information to your customers' attention.
  • Promoting

    Promoting products can help you attract new clients, grow referrals and maintain your valued customers.

Easy-to-Create Marketing Solutions

Easily brand, merchandise and promote your business with a little help from Avery. These easy-to-customize products can be personalized online with free Avery software and templates. They're perfect for branding, brochures, business mailings, messaging and more. Choose from our wide selection of versatile products that can help take your small business big places.

These versatile products allow small business owners to:

  • Brand business materials and make an impact on mailers, brochures and other products
  • Try out new logos and brand messaging without investing in large minimum quantity, custom-print orders
  • Print only what you need when you need it--perfect for special events
  • Personalize handcrafted items with special messaging and care instructions
  • Differentiate your business from others, using unique branding and messaging on products, shelves and packaging
  • Customize promotional messages

Select Products have these Unique Features

  • Fast Peeling

    Patented Easy Peel labels with pop-up edge ensure a quick and easy application.

  • Water Resistant (Durable & Arched Labels Only)

    Specially designed for the wine industry, these water-resistant labels hold strong when wet. Perfect for use on chilled products.

  • Print to the Edge

    Add a full-color background to your logo, product name, address or message.

Easy to Design and Print from Your Desktop

  • Create your own unique suite of marketing products right from your own computer. With free pre-designs, templates and software, Avery makes it easy to add a logo or unique brand image on all your products.

    Whether you're a design novice or expert, you'll be able to customize your branding labels, brochures, promotional signage, business mailings and more, using the highly rated Avery Design & Print Online or your favorite Adobe design application. Just go to avery.com/print to get started.

Branding Labels

Elevate your prized products from handmade to handcrafted with personalized round labels that are great for glass, plastic or paper. Get your products to stand out in the crowd with these glossy or textured oval labels that add an upscale feel to any product. TrueBlock technology blocks out words underneath. Fantastic for QR codes that help drive customers to your digital media. These unique, arch-shaped labels provide an elegant look to all your products. Their water-resistant material makes them perfect for branding chilled items and outdoor use. Take your message outdoors with these labels that resist moisture, scuffing and tearing. They're perfect for branding outdoor items, refrigerated products and more. Add a printed-on look or luxurious feel to jars, boxes and brochures with our clear or pearlized-finish rectangle labels.
Rectangle Labels: Add a printed-on look or luxurious feel to jars, boxes and brochures with our clear or pearlized-finish rectangle labels.
Showcase your brand in a unique way with wrap-around labels that are perfect for water bottles, bags, and canisters.

Merchandising Labels

Removable signs are ideal for retail use and are printable on both sides. Use them on storefront windows or on mirrors or walls. Create professional retail packaging or promotional giveaways that feature your unique brand and company information. Easy-to-customize hanging tags help add a premium look and feel to your products. Double-sided printing is perfect for adding product information. Grab your customers' attention to new products, sales, promotions and special offers with these removable tags.

Promoting Labels

Take your promotions right to your customers' front door. The tear-away cards can be used for business cards, coupons or rewards cards. Get your message out in high-traffic areas like office break rooms, grocery stores, coffee shops and campuses. The tear-away cards are ideal for coupons, contacts or seasonal offers. Attract customers and grow referrals with these easy-to-fold brochures. Personalize the tear-away cards with coupons, rewards or business contact information. Sturdy adhesive makes these ideal for farmers' markets, holiday boutiques, in-store displays, and more. Their stand-up round shape will get customers to take notice.


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Never has a label packed so much punch. These small square labels can be customized to promote your company or product, or connect customers to your website and other digital media with a 2D barcode or QR Code. They’re also perfect for your branding and promotional items and for use on packaging, mailings, brochures and other business products. The print-to-the-edge feature lets you add a full-color background to your brand logo, product name, address or message. The patented Easy Peel® label sheets with the Pop-up Edge™ ensure a quick and easy application. Simply bend the label sheet back, peel and return the sheet to a flat position. It’s that easy. With room to print a barcode and one line of text you can drive customers to your website, social networking feeds, video content, a map of your location or other information. The patent-pending TrueBlock® Technology blocks out words or other dark colors underneath the label to provide more accurate barcode scans, while completely covering the surface below. Learn about the benefits of 2D barcodes and QR codes at avery.com/smallbiz. Easily create the codes or customize labels with your logo or other images using Avery Design & Print Online. Now your company can be just a scan away.

  • Ideal for branding and promotional items, packaging, mailings, brochures and other business products
  • Print-to-the-edge feature lets you add a full-color background to your brand logo, product name, address or message
  • Customize with 2D barcodes or QR codes to quickly connect customers to your website and other digital media
  • TrueBlock® Technology blocks out existing copy or dark backgrounds so codes have a higher scanning accuracy and can cover any printed surface
  • Use the Pop-up Edge™ for fast peeling—just bend the patented Easy Peel® label sheet to expose the label edge, peel, then fold the sheet back to flat in a jiffy


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