Fans-Tel G99m Type Ii Large Backlite Screen Fans-Tel G99m Type Ii Large Backlite Screen
Fans-Tel G99m Type Ii Large Backlite Screen
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  SKU# G99M L00627
FANS-TEL G99M Type II Large Backlite Screen


FANS-TEL G99M Type II Large Backlite Screen

Out of stock  
Manufacturer: FANS-TEL     

Mfg Part#: G99M.    Weight: 3 lbs

This product is BRAND NEW.




  • Caller ID unit
  • Caller ID receives and displays name, number, and calling time
  • Call waiting caller ID
  • Stores calling numbers, names, and calling times of last 99 calls, answered or not
  • Large backlit 3-line LCD
  • LCD viewing area: 1.5\" x 3.1\"
  • Supports both Bellcore and ETSI call waiting caller ID interfaces
  • Universal message waiting indication
  • Visual message waiting indication (FSK) - flashing LED and LCD icon indicate message(s) waiting in your local telephonecompany's voice mailbox
  • Use the DIAL/FLASH button to switch between calls in call waiting state
  • Use the DIAL/FLASH button for the call backfeature
  • Preset up to 4 area codes, one for 7digit dialing and three for 10 digit dialing
  • AC adapter is included with optional 3 AA batteries to back-up memories and operation of caller ID during power failure
  • Size: 4.1\" x 4.1\"
  • Off white
  • Features:

    • Accessory Handsets : No
    • Answering Machine : No
    • Backlit Keys or Display : LCD Display
    • Big Buttons : No
    • Caller ID : Yes
    • Cordless Phone Adapters : No
    • Customizable Faceplates : No
    • Headset Port : No
    • Hold : No
    • Hospitality : No
    • Includes Belt Clip : No
    • Key Detectors : No
    • Mute : No
    • Novelty and Reproduction Phones : No
    • Repeaters/Gateways : No
    • Speakerphone : No
    • Sync with Smartphone : No
    • Touchscreen : No
    • Trimline : No
    • Wall Mountable : No
    • Color : White

    Environmental features:

    • Recycled Packaging : Yes

    Other features:

    • Country of Origin : China
    • RoHS Compliant : No
    • Type of Packaging : White Box
    • Warranty : 1 year
    • Website Link :

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    Customer Reviews

    Author: jim s    07/31/2009
    Fast service great company to do bunisses with. The caller id works very well you will like it

    Author: William    04/14/2009
    Excellent product. It is very difficult to find stand alone caller ID units, especially those that feature an AC adapter instead of just batteries. I bought two and they both work perfectly. Backlit screen is an added bonus.

    Author: Bob F.    03/25/2009
    This a great product. The caller ID unit I had previously was not adeqaute in any way. The FANSTEL caller ID is what you need if you need a desktop unit.

    Author: David Swope    03/04/2009
    Replaced an AT&T 326 that did not work properly. This unit is most
    excellent and works very well.

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