Flir 432-0010-01-00 Md-324 Static Thermal Night Flir 432-0010-01-00 Md-324 Static Thermal Night
Flir 432-0010-01-00 Md-324 Static Thermal Night
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FLIR 432-0010-01-00 MD-324 Static Thermal Night Vision Camera


FLIR 432-0010-01-00 MD-324 Static Thermal Night Vision Camera

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Manufacturer: FLIR     

Mfg Part#: 432-0010-01-00, 43200100100, 432 0010 01 00.    Weight: 8 lbs

This product is BRAND NEW.


MD-324 Thermal Night Vision Camera

This affordable, fixed-mount thermal night vision system helps with steering around obstacles, collision avoidance and finding people in the water at night. Simple to mount and easy to integrate into your existing electronics, MD-Series' display can be mounted separately on your dashboard, or the feed can be integrated into an existing display to save space.

Now even small boats can see clearly at night with the MD-Series Fixed Mount Thermal Night Vision Camera from FLIR.

The MD-324 features a 320 x 240 pixel thermal imager with a wide angle 19mm lens, a 2X digital zoom allowing you to magnify distant targets for enhanced viewing and identification & 30Hz refresh for smooth, clear images.

The MD-Series delivers stunning detail and clarity day or night thanks to its state-of-the-art FLIR thermal imaging technology. The camera can easily detect floating objects, navigation aids, other vessels, and even people in the water with ease.

Engineered for smaller cruising, fishing and sailing vessels, MD-Series is both compact and lightweight. The camera measures 5.9 in diameter and just 7 high. The small footprint allows the camera to easily mount on any T-top, cabin roof, radar arch or mast.

  • Available in 320 x 240
  • 2x e-zoom standard
  • Ethernet-enabled for simple integration into your current electronics
  • Slim profile (7 high and only 3 pounds) makes for an unobtrusive mount

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  • Activation Method = Manual
  • Battery Replacement (Years) = NONE
  • Built-In Strobe = Yes
  • Cartography Type = NONE
  • Category = NONE
  • Floats = NONE
  • Frequency = NONE
  • Operational Life (Hours) = NONE

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