Maretron N2kview N2k View Vessel Monitor/Control Maretron N2kview N2k View Vessel Monitor/Control
Maretron N2kview N2k View Vessel Monitor/Control
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  SKU# N2KVIEW F05125
MARETRON N2KVIEW N2K View Vessel Monitor/Control Software


MARETRON N2KVIEW N2K View Vessel Monitor/Control Software

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Manufacturer: MARETRON     

Mfg Part#: N2KVIEW.    Weight: 1 lb

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N2K View Software, MFG# N2KVIEW, monitor NMEA 2000 data while underway or remotely. Data for engines, tanks, rudders, nav instruments, weather, electrical systems, etc. Includes CD ROM, quick guide. Sensors required.

Whether you are interested in monitoring your vessel’s systems while underway or remotely from your home or office, Maretron’s N2KView® software displays the information you need including engines, generators, tanks, rudders, navigation instruments, local weather, and much, much more. N2KView® is completely user-configurable and you are free to create different screens for your exact needs while easily switching from screen to screen for monitoring all your systems. Digital displays, analog gauges, graphic displays, warning lights, and bar graphs, all can be configured exactly how you want them to be. You can even set the operating limits and color bands for analog gauges so you know when things are within limits and when they are not.

N2KView® is a comprehensive vessel monitoring and control software that goes beyond simple monitoring. With N2KView® you get additional functionality including alerts, video, control, and fuel management. The alerts functionality allows you to setup as many warnings and alarms as you need so you can be forewarned of potential problems. With alerts, you can relax knowing that the system is watching for smoke, CO, high bilge water, or anything else you deem important. N2KView® video capability allows you to add cameras as part of the monitoring system - for example a camera in the engine room - or the cameras can be used as part of the security system. The control functionality gives you the ability to manage your electrical system; for example, you can turn lights or pumps on or off directly from N2KView® and even tell if the lights or pumps are burned out and not working. Lastly, the fuel management function uses information from the fuel flow monitor, tank monitors, and GPS to provide advanced information like distance and time to empty as well as fuel rate and fuel economy.

In the Box:

  • N2K View Software on CD-Rom

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