Simrad 21118245 Rpu300 Pump Simrad 21118245 Rpu300 Pump
Simrad 21118245 Rpu300 Pump
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  SKU# 21118245 R02651
SIMRAD 21118245 Rpu300 Pump


SIMRAD 21118245 Rpu300 Pump

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Manufacturer: SIMRAD     

Mfg Part#: 21118245.    Weight: 10 lbs

This product is BRAND NEW.


RPU160 Drive Unit

Hydraulic steering systems are now being used in every category of small vessel. In many respects hydraulic steering is preferable to mechanical steering. Hydraulic systems normally comprise of two main components, a steering wheel pump and steering cylinder(s). The steering wheel pump may be either a gear pump or a plunger pump. Which ever type is installed, steering is achieved by turning the steering wheel in either direction causing oil from the wheel pump to be supplied to the appropriate side of the cylinder. Oil is returned via the opposite side of the cylinder back to the pump.

The linear motion of the cylinder rod is transformed to a rotary motion by the tiller, which turns the rudder shaft and rudder. Check valves (non-return valves) are usually incorporated to prevent the rudder driving the steering wheel pump. If an autopilot is to be included in such a hydraulic steering system, then the oil flow providing the rudder movement must be controlled by electrical signals from the autopilot. The maximum flow rate of RPU300 is 3.0 l/min respectively, measured at a pressure of 10 bar with nominal voltage (12vdc) on the motor terminals.

  • Mounting Style = Transom
  • Frequency = 200 kHz
  • Beam Width = 20°
  • Speed Included = No
  • Temperature = Yes
  • Fairing Block Included = No
  • Cable Length (Feet) = 20'
  • Pins = NONE
  • Load Equivalence # (LEN) = NONE

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