Verbatim 95311 8.5gb 8x Br|Ed Azo Dvd+R Dls, 5 Pk Verbatim 95311 8.5gb 8x Br|Ed Azo Dvd+R Dls, 5 Pk
Verbatim 95311 8.5gb 8x Br|Ed Azo Dvd+R Dls, 5 Pk
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VERBATIM 95311 8.5gb 8x Branded Azo Dvd+r Dls, 5 Pk With Slim Cases


VERBATIM 95311 8.5gb 8x Branded Azo Dvd+r Dls, 5 Pk With Slim Cases

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List price:    $17.00
Manufacturer: VERBATIM     

Mfg Part#: 95311.    Weight: 1 lb

This product is BRAND NEW.


  • 8GB of storage capacity on a single-sided disc--no need to flip the disc
  • Largest compatible DVD back-up & data-archiving format for computer drives
  • Records 4 hours of DVD-quality television & video (16 hours of VHS quality)
  • Supported by high-speed double-layer writers up to 10x
  • Burns up to 8.5GB in approximately 12 min-15 min
  • Compatible with DVD+R DL drives from Sony, Philips, Lite On & other leading manufacturers
  • Ideal for archiving home movies
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 5 pk
  • Includes slim cases

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    AZO DVD Double Layer

    • The Verbatim AZO recording layer gives our DVD media the competitive advantage

      the patented coating delivers protection that lasts generations and provides ultimate resistance to UV light damage. That’s why Verbatim’s been recognized as the No. 1 Optical Brand in the World*--we consistently provide optical media of the highest quality and compatibility. When drive manufacturers test their products for maximum performance, they use Verbatim--so why wouldn’t you?

      Mitsubishi Kagaku Media (MKM), Verbatim’s parent company in Japan, brings extensive technological research and development to the table. Core technologies, like the AZO recording layer give Verbatim an offering like no other optical manufacturer.
      This unique and ultra-stable layer strongly resists UV light, withstands high laser and rotation speeds on newer drives and ensures compatibility with current DVD standards.

    • Verbatim’s AZO recording layer not only withstands the extremely high laser and rotation speeds of newer drives, it also maximizes their performance. Verbatim paid particular attention to the durability and light fastness of AZO; tests show that it is more stable than most recording dyes and the least affected by ultraviolet light.

      AZO also offers high sensitivity for reliable high-speed recording and high reflectivity to eliminate read errors. The thinness of the recording layer is also critical. The thinner the layer, the higher the sensitivity and power margin; therefore, the better the disc works for high-speed recording.

      What does all this mean for you? Verbatim AZO technology translates into optical products that cost just a little more but are worth the slight difference. They are products you want—offering reliability, high read and write performance, high-quality photos and sound and superior archival protection that lasts


    • AZO Technology

      Provides superior performance and reliability, no matter what you are saving. This patented Mitsubishi technology is the most reliable, high-quality optical technology on the market today, and it is only available from Verbatim!

    • Warranty

      Verbatim manufactures our discs to meet our strict quality standards. We stand behind the quality of our products—and our Limited Lifetime Warranty proves it!


      our online reviews say it for us; we make double layer discs that work--no coasters! Mitsubishi Kagaku Media (MKM), our parent company, has long-standing relationships with drive manufacturers who use our products to test their performance, making Verbatim DVD DL discs the most compatible in the industry.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can I record over video/audio/data stored on a DVD R DL disc?

      No. DVD R DL discs are dual layer DVD’s designed for one-time recording.

      Do DVD R DL discs require a special DVD burner?

      Yes. DVD R DL discs require double layer writers for recording. Verbatim DVD R DL are approved for high speed burning, up to 6X speed, allowing you to store up to 8.5GB of video in approximately 16 minutes.

      Will a DVD R DL play in my regular DVD player?

      Yes. Verbatim DVD R DL discs are compatible with most DVD video players and DVD-ROM drives.

      What does the plus and dash found in the format mean?

      When DVD media technology was first developed, the plus and dash formats used different writing and reading specifications. Today, most DVD writers and readers now work with no noticeable performance differences between plus and dash formats. Check with your manufacturers’ suggestion of DVD format for the best compatibility—especially in older technology.
    • So how do I know which DVD to use?

      Recordable optical media is a natural choice for data archiving and backup. Choosing a DVD+R DL or DVD-R DL is ideal, as these write-once discs hold twice the capacity of standard DVDs as well as preventing contents from being erased or mistakenly replaced. Double layer discs are also a great option simple data backup when saving larger files.

    Archive vs. Backup – What’s the Difference?

    • What’s the Difference?

      Reviewing your file types is the first step to creating a backup plan. A review helps you determine whether you need to archive or backup your files. What’s the difference?
    • Archive

      The word archive conjures up thoughts of old, dark libraries or musty basements. However, today’s version of archiving is much different. Archiving digital files simply means creating a safe storage place for important files. Archived data is often a permanent record that is moved, not copied, from one system to another and retained for a specified period of time. Archiving is an easy activity that preserves your data with just a little preparation.

      It’s best to have several copies of your digital archives to store in different locations. That’s why Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs are a natural choice for archiving. They’re inexpensive, portable and easy to store. Make sure you are using the right disc--the disc name you use should have an R on the end meaning it is write once. A write once disc prevents you from erasing contents or mistakenly replacing data. Also, to extend the life of your disc, consider Archival Grade media that include a gold layer that is naturally resistant to corrosion offering greater protection than standard silver discs.

    • Backup

      You probably leave your digital files tucked away on your computers’ hard drive—assuming they are safe. But what if your computer crashes or files get corrupted somehow? You might lose your digital photos, music and data. Forever. Good news—it is simple to backup your digital files and you can have working copies that are quickly accessible. Getting started is easy; it only requires a backup routine performed regularly and a safe place to store your digital files.

      BD-RE, DVD-RW/-RAM and CD-RW discs are a great choice for quick back-ups. Re-writable media allows you to add and edit content. This works well for constantly changing information.

    • Storage

      Whether creating and archive or a backup, always remember to store your discs in a sleeve or case. This will help ensure they are protected from fingerprints, accidental spills, dust and debris, protecting your files for decades to come.

      The ideal way to store discs is in an upright (like a book) position in a CD/DVD/Blu-ray case. Ideally, discs should be stored in a location 60-75 degrees F with 35-50% relative humidity. Fluctuations in the storage area should not exceed +/- 2 degrees F. in temperature; relative humidity should not fluctuate more than +/- 5%.

    About Verbatim

    • Verbatim provides technology you can trust—we’ve done so for over 40 years. Our products include an impressive selection of removable storage and computer peripherals, featuring a wide range of highly acclaimed CD, DVD and Blu-ray® media products. Verbatim also offers an array of lightning fast desktop and portable hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, stylish, feature-rich mice and keyboards and a broad range of replacement laser toner cartridges. Buy Verbatim and you get innovation, security and reliability—and that means peace of mind
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