Viking Lsd-2 Line Seizure Device Viking Lsd-2 Line Seizure Device
Viking Lsd-2 Line Seizure Device
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Manufacturer: VIKING     

Mfg Part#: LSD-2, LSD2, LSD 2.    Weight: 1 lb

This product is BRAND NEW.


Why pay for a dedicated line for your elevator/emergency phone or alarm panel?

The LSD-2 Line Sharing Device allows the user to share an existing phone line with an emergency phone or other priority alarm device. This can save hundreds of dollars a year over leasing a dedicated phone line. The LSD-2 can be used on any C.O. line or analog PABX/KSU station.

An outbound call on the DEVICE 2 (PRIORITY) port takes priority over a call in progress on the DEVICE 1 port. Any call in progress on the DEVICE 1 port will be disconnected for 2 seconds, returning dial tone to the DEVICE 2 (PRIORITY) port. A busy signal is then sent to the DEVICE 1 port.

For incoming calls, the LSD-2 can route calls to the DEVICE 2 (PRIORITY) port using Caller ID, Distinctive Ring, or Quick Call Back. All other calls will be routed to the DEVICE 1. Alternatively, the LSD- 2 can be set up so that all inbound calls are routed to the DEVICE 2 (PRIORITY) port.

Note: Caller ID is not passed through the LSD-2 to the devices.

Important: When the emergency device is in use, the phone line is not available for normal use. Any additional emergency calls will have to be made on another phone line. For this reason the LSD-2 is not recommended for single line applications.


Share an existing phone line with an emergency device such as:

- Emergency phones

- Area of refuge phones

- Alarm panels

- ATM's

- Card readers

- Any device that needs instant access to a phone line


* Routes both incoming and outgoing calls
* Allows an Emergency device to share a phone line with other devices (fax machines, phones, modems)
* Gives priority to the Emergency devices
* Incoming calls routed to one of two ports by Caller ID, Distinctive Ring or Quick Call Back
* Status LED displays mode of operation
* Can store up to 12 Caller ID numbers
* Provides a busy signal to the phone port when an Emergency device is in use
* One year warranty
* Made in the USA


* Power: 120VAC / 12VDC 500mA UL listed adapter provided
* Dimensions: 133mm x 89mm x 44mm (5.25" x 3.5" x 1.75")
* Shipping Weight: .9 kg (2 lbs)
* Environmental: 0 C to 32 C (32 F to 90 F) with 5% to 95% non-condensing humidity
* Talk Battery: 35V DC
* Connections: 6 screw terminals

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