Viking K-1900-7-Ewp V|Al Resistant Hotline Phone Viking K-1900-7-Ewp V|Al Resistant Hotline Phone
Viking K-1900-7-Ewp V|Al Resistant Hotline Phone
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  SKU# K-1900-7-EWP J02655



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Cannot be shipped to Canada, APO/FPO, PO Box and USA protectorates.
Manufacturer: VIKING     

Mfg Part#: K-1900-7-EWP, K19007EWP, K 1900 7 EWP.    Weight: 4 lbs

This product is BRAND NEW.


The K-1900-7 panel phone will auto-dial a 1-32 digit programmable phone number each time the handset is lifted. The unit will Touch Tone or pulse dial and will not auto-dial on incoming calls.

The K-1900-7 housing consists of a heavy gauge stainless steel panel, an armored cable, a heavy duty handset, and an all metal cradle. The K-1900-7 can be easily Touch Tone programmed at the shop or installation site. All programming is stored in non-volatile memory.

For outdoor or harsh environments, the K-1900-7-EWP is available with Enhanced Weather Protection (EWP). The EWP version includes faceplate, transmitter and receiver gaskets, hand soldered silicon sealed connections, gel-filled butt connectors, as well as a urethane potted circuit board with weather sealed, field-adjustable trim pots and DIP switches for easy on-site programming


* Catalog sales
* Kiosks
* Courtesy and customer service phones
* Automated tellers (ATMs)
* Hot-line reservation phones
* Security and emergency phones
* Replaces leased ringdown circuits
* Gate/entrance communication in noisy locations (diesel trucks, factory noise, etc.)


* Auto dials 1 (up to 32 digits) programmable speed dial number
* Touch Tone or pulse dialing
* Non-volatile memory (no batteries required)
* Operates on analog PABX and key system extensions or analog Centrex and C.O. lines
* Programmable 6 digit security code
* Touch Tone programmable
* Vandal resistant features: 1/8" thick stainless steel panel, armored cable and metal cradle
* Programmable pre-dial pause
* Blocks fraudulent calls from hand held pocket dialers
* Hearing aid compatible amplified handset with sealed push button volume control
* Optional Enhanced Weather Protection (EWP)


* Power: Telephone line powered (20V DC/18mA minimum)
* Dimensions: Overall - 127mm x 254mm x 102mm (5" x 10" x 4")
* Shipping Weight: 1.8 kg ( 4 lbs.)
* Operating Temperature: 0C to 32C (32F to 90F)
* Humidity: Standard - 5% to 95% non-condensing EWP - Up to 100% condensing
* Panel Material: .125 inch thick stainless steel
* Handset Cable Length: Standard K-1900-7 - 86cm (34") K-1900-7-EWP - 137cm (54")
* Mounting: Flush mount or surface mount with optional VE-5x10
* Dial Speed: Touch Tone - Normal = 120ms on/off, Fast = 50ms on/off; Pulse - Normal = 10 pps, Fast = 20 pps
* Connections: (2) gel-filled butt connectors

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Customer Reviews

Author: David Williamson, Consulting Sales Engineer Certified Phone Solutions    11/16/2009
We use Viking products for the past 26 years. This VIKING -1900-7-EWP VANDAL RESISTANT HOTLINE PHONE WITH ENHANCED WEATHER PROTECTION (Ordered on November 3, 2009) was installed on Catalina Island at the end of the green pier. Where Ocean weather conditions & salt air will be all over this phone set. Due to its Stainless steel construction as well as the weather proof electronics encased in a gel filled protection coating will keep the weather from the electronics and the phone we believe will last ten (10) + years out side. The install with the back box and the speed dial programming took about two (2) hours to install and test full function. The phone can also be called remotely and the speed dial or ring to number may be changed in remote programming with out sending a tech to do the work. A customer Manager can also be trained to make the speed dial change and take control of the phone them selves. For weather proof salt water applications you can find less costly hardware. But not better hardware or more long lasting than this unit. So pay more today with the required 5 by 10 back mounting box and have a happy customer long term with no warranty go back for free to your customer while you trouble shoot the other phone you may have selected only to find that the lesser costing unit will fail in the field and you will be the company who let your customer down by selecting the less reliable competitive units in the industry. I say go with the best deliver a solid fit & finish and retain your customer long term.

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