Wave Wifi Roguepro Wifi Extender (Stainless) Wave Wifi Roguepro Wifi Extender (Stainless)
Wave Wifi Roguepro Wifi Extender (Stainless)
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WAVE WIFI ROGUEPRO WiFi Extender (Stainless)


WAVE WIFI ROGUEPRO WiFi Extender (Stainless)

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List price:    $495.00
Manufacturer: WAVE WIFI     

Mfg Part#: ROGUEPRO.    Weight: 5 lbs

This product is BRAND NEW.


RoguePro (Ethernet converter/Bridge), MFG# 283352, Easily installed converter allows reception of WiFi signals up to 7 miles from the marina hotspot. Includes antenna, power supply, stainless steel receiver/converter, and 25' cable.

Extend the Range of a Marina's WiFi Hotspot Up To Seven Miles

The Rogue Pro is a ruggedized version of the popular Rogue Wave, featuring a sealed, polished stainless steel case. In addition to the enhanced dust and moisture resistance, the stainless steel housing offers superior heat transfer and impact resistance.

The new Rogue Pro by Wave WiFi is an ultra small, compact Wireless Bridge and Ethernet Converter with an incredible 800mW output power.

All the features and elements of the larger EC-Series like the user friendly, proprietary web-based interface are available in this easy to set-up kit.

The Rogue comes with an 8.5dB omni-directional outdoor antenna and is powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE). This means there is a single cable between the computer and the Rogue.

The Rogue can also be used with variety of remote mount, 2.4 GHz omni-directional antennas.

Like all Wave WiFi models, the Rogue Pro is an Ethernet Converter (EC) so a direct connection can be made to any Ethernet enabled device and there is no software to install and no power robbing USB connections.

The ultra small size of the Rogue Pro makes it the ideal 'personal' Ethernet Converter/Wireless Bridge for boat captains and crew. The Rogue is perfect for wireless Internet access on a smaller boat or an RV.

In the Box:

  • Wireless converter
  • Omnidirectional antenna
  • 25-foot Ethernet cable
  • AC/DC power converter (12 volts)
  • Ethernet power injector
  • Instructional CD and Quick Start Guide

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