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DANTONA CAM-322P Replacement Battery

SKU: CAM-322P P18715

Need a replacement battery for your digital camera/camcorder? The Dantona CAM-322 Replacement Battery is used in the Panasonic PV-S550 Digital

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Need a replacement battery for your digital camera/camcorder? The Dantona CAM-322 Replacement Battery is used in the Panasonic PV-S550 Digital Camera/Camcorder. It meets or exceeds original manufacturer specifications.


  • 12V
  • Long-lasting
  • 2,300mAh
  • Lead acid
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Compatible with Intermec 6820, Blaupunkt CR-1500, Blaupunkt CR-1800, Blaupunkt CR-2000S, Blaupunkt RTV-260, Bosch VCC-516, Bosch VCC-526, Bosch VCC-550, Bosch VRP-30, Canon CR-30A, Canon CV-T60, Canon CV-T65, Canon CV-T70, Canon F-1000A, Canon VC-10A, Canon VC-20A, Canon VC-30A, Canon VC-40A, Canon VC50A, Canon VR-30A, Canon VR-40A, Canon VR-50A, Canon YR20A, Canon YR30A, Canon YR40A, Chinon CV-765, Chinon CV-770, Chinon CV-C70, Chinon CV-C800, Chinon CV-T122, Chinon CV-T124, Chinon CV-T60, Chinon CV-T60G, Chinon CV-T65, Chinon CV-T7, Chinon CV-T70, Chinon CV-T72, Chinon CV-T73, Chinon CV-T80, Curtis Mathes 768, Curtis Mathes 770, Curtis Mathes 772, Curtis Mathes 773, Curtis Mathes AV800, Curtis Mathes BV773, Curtis Mathes BV800, Curtis Mathes BV880, Curtis Mathes CV800, Curtis Mathes CV820, Curtis Mathes DV800, Curtis Mathes HV773, Curtis Mathes PV800, Curtis Mathes QD00004, Emerson VHS, General Electric 1CVD5021, General Electric 1CVD5021X, General Electric 1CVD5023, General Electric 1CVD5025, General Electric 1CVD5025B, General Electric 1CVD5025X, General Electric 1CVD5026, General Electric 1CVD5027, General Electric 1CVD5028, General Electric 1CVD5028B, General Electric 1CVK5040, General Electric 1CVM8080, General Electric 1CVP5021, General Electric 1CVP5022, General Electric 1CVP5022B, General Electric 1CVP5022X, General Electric 1CVP5024, General Electric 1CVP5026, General Electric 1CVP5026X, General Electric 1CVP5027, General Electric 1CVP5028, General Electric 1CVP5028B, General Electric 1CVP5030, General Electric 1CVP6022, General Electric 1CVP6024, General Electric 1CVP6026, General Electric 1CVP6028, General Electric 1CVP6030, General Electric 2-9809, General Electric 4020, General Electric 4022, General Electric 4024, General Electric 5022, General Electric 5024, General Electric 5025, General Electric 5026, General Electric 5027, General Electric 5028, General Electric 5030, General Electric 5036, General Electric 5200, General Electric 5424, General Electric 5426, General Electric 5428, General Electric 5430, General Electric 5440, General Electric 5442, General Electric 5458, General Electric 5740, General Electric 5747, General Electric 9-6909, General Electric 9-9605, General Electric 9-9606, General Electric 9-9607, General Electric 9-9608, General Electric 9-9609, General Electric 9-9610, General Electric 9-9805, General Electric 9-9806, General Electric 9-9807, General Electric 9-9808, General Electric 9-9810, General Electric 9-9815, General Electric CG-700, General Electric CG-701, General Electric CG-710, General Electric CG-911, General Electric CG-9805, General Electric CG-9806, General Electric CG-9807, General Electric CG-9808, General Electric CG-9809, General Electric CG-9810, General Electric CG-9815, General Electric CG-9820, General Electric CG-9825, General Electric CG-9915, General Electric CG-9920, General Electric CV-8080, Grundig VS-160, Grundig VS-170, Grundig VS-180, JCPenney 686-5100, JCPenney 686-5110, JCPenney 686-5111, JCPenney 686-5115, JCPenney 686-5116, JCPenney 686-5335, JCPenney 686-5340, JCPenney 686-5350, JCPenney 686-6016, JCPenney 855-8967, JCPenney 855-9163, JVC GS-1000, Magnavox 8292, Magnavox 8293, Magnavox 8294, Magnavox 8380, Magnavox 8474, Magnavox 8475, Magnavox CV5320AV, Magnavox CVJ310, Magnavox CVJ312, Magnavox CVJ320, Magnavox CVJ322, Magnavox CVJ340, Magnavox CVJ350, Magnavox CVJ360, Magnavox CVK332, Magnavox CVK342, Magnavox CVK352, Magnavox CVK360, Magnavox CVK610, Magnavox CVL335, Magnavox CVL345, Magnavox HVS125, Magnavox VHS125, Magnavox VR6570, Magnavox VR8208, Magnavox VR8290GY, Magnavox VR8292, Magnavox VR8293, Magnavox VR8294, Magnavox VR8380, Magnavox VR8400, Magnavox VR8450, Magnavox VR8451, Magnavox VR8453, Magnavox VR8454, Magnavox VR8455, Magnavox VR8456, Magnavox VR8457, Magnavox VR8471, Magnavox VR8472, Magnavox VR8474, Magnavox VR8475, Magnavox VR8480, Magnavox VR8484, Magnavox VR8485, Magnavox VR8486, Magnavox VR8570, Magnavox VR8572, Magnavox VR8585, Magnavox VR8590, Magnavox VR8592, Magnavox VR9143, Magnavox VR9244, Magnavox VR9246, Minolta MV500S, Minolta MV900S, NEC V-200, NEC V-30, NEC V-300, NEC V-40, NEC V-400, NEC V50U, Olympus BP-3, Olympus VC-104, Olympus VC-105, Olympus VC-106, Olympus VF-BP3U, Olympus VF-BP7, Olympus VF-BP7U, Olympus VX-106, Olympus VX-307, Olympus VX-308, Olympus VX-403, Olympus VX-404, Olympus VX-406, Olympus VX-407, Olympus VXS405, Panasonic 5800, Panasonic 5850, Panasonic 8100, Panasonic 8410, Panasonic 8484, Panasonic 8485, Panasonic 8500, Panasonic 8600, Panasonic 9600, Panasonic AG-160, Panasonic AG-170, Panasonic AG-180, Panasonic AG18U, Panasonic AG-190, Panasonic AG-195P, Panasonic AG-2400, Panasonic AG-400P, Panasonic AG-450, Panasonic AG-456P, Panasonic AG-460, Panasonic AG-6400, Panasonic AGBP202, Panasonic AGBP212, Panasonic AG-BP212DX, Panasonic AG-V50, Panasonic EB-362, Panasonic NV-5800, Panasonic NV-5810, Panasonic NV-5850, Panasonic NV-8000, Panasonic NV-8100, Panasonic NV-8110, Panasonic NV-8484, Panasonic NV-8485, Panasonic NV-8500, Panasonic NV-8600, Panasonic NV-9000, Panasonic NV-9000A, Panasonic NV-9600, Panasonic NV-M10, Panasonic NV-M1000, Panasonic NV-M5, Panasonic NV-M7, Panasonic NV-M70, Panasonic NV-M9, Panasonic NV-MS1, Panasonic NV-MS2, Panasonic PK-700, Panasonic PK-802, Panasonic PK-805, Panasonic PK-903, Panasonic PK-956, Panasonic PK-957, Panasonic PK-958, Panasonic PK-959, Panasonic PK-973, Panasonic PK-975, Panasonic PK-976, Panasonic PK-980, Panasonic PV-210, Panasonic PV-220, Panasonic PV-2200, Panasonic PV-300, Panasonic PV-320, Panasonic PV-330, Panasonic PV-350, Panasonic PV-400, Panasonic PV-420, Panasonic PV-425, Panasonic PV-430, Panasonic PV-460, Panasonic PV-5110, Panasonic PV-520, Panasonic PV-5200, Panasonic PV-530, Panasonic PV-535, Panasonic PV-5350, Panasonic PV-5420, Panasonic PV-555, Panasonic PV-575, Panasonic PV-5800, Panasonic PV-5810, Panasonic PV-5850, Panasonic PV-6110, Panasonic PV-645, Panasonic PV-650, Panasonic PV-660, Panasonic PV-8000, Panasonic PV-8100, Panasonic PV-8110, Panasonic PV-822, Panasonic PV-8440, Panasonic PV-845, Panasonic PV-8484, Panasonic PV-8485, Panasonic PV-8500, Panasonic PV-8600, Panasonic PV-8650, Panasonic PV-9000, Panasonic PV-9000A, Panasonic PV-9600A, Panasonic PV-D1218, Panasonic PV-D909, Panasonic PV-M429, Panasonic PV-S350, Panasonic PV-S420, Panasonic PV-S440, Panasonic PV-S445, Panasonic PV-S460, Panasonic PV-S540, Panasonic PV-S545, Panasonic PV-S550, Panasonic PV-S565, Panasonic PV-S575, Philco V1728SL, Philco V1728SL01, Philco V1728TL01, Philco V1728TS, Philco V1729TL01, Philco VCR801AV, Philco VCR802AV01, Philco VCR807, Philco VCR809AV01, Philco VCR901, Philips CPJ-360, Philips CPJ-810, Philips CPJ-815, Philips CPK-834, Philips CPK-855, Philips CVJ-360, Philips VE257, Philips VE551XE, Philips VKR-2000, Philips VKR-6820S, Philips VKR-6850, Philips VKR-6851, Philips VKR-6855, Quasar 2100, Quasar 5400, Quasar 5441, Quasar 5450, Quasar 5451, 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  • Country of Origin: China
  • Individual Packaging Height: 0.8000 INCH
  • Individual Packaging: Retail
  • Inner Carton Quantity: 1
  • Individual Packaging Length: 7.2000 INCH
  • Warranty Period: SIX MONTHS
  • Individual Packaging Weight: 1.6000 POUND
  • Individual Packaging Width: 2.5000 INCH
  • Primary Color: Black
  • Manufacturer Color: Green
  • Product Height: 7.2000 INCH
  • Product Length: 0.9000 INCH
  • Product Weight: 1.6125 POUND
  • Product Width: 2.4000 INCH
  • Color: Black
  • Battery Information: Product is a Battery
  • Number of Batteries packed with product: 1
  • # of Batteries Required to Power Product: 0
  • Battery Size: Other/Product Specific
  • Number of Battery 1 Packaged with Product: 1
  • Battery Type: Lead Acid (Non-Spillable)
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