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P3 Intl P4490 Kill A Watt Edge Energy Monitor P3 Intl P4490 Kill A Watt Edge Energy Monitor
P3 Intl P4490 Kill A Watt Edge Energy Monitor
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P3 INTL P4490 Kill A Watt Edge Energy Monitor


P3 INTL P4490 Kill A Watt Edge Energy Monitor

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Manufacturer: P3 INTL     

Mfg Part#: P4490.    Weight: 1 lb

This product is BRAND NEW.


Kill A Watt Edge,. MFG# P4490, measures power consumption and calculates cost to operate. Motion sensor can turn off electronics when no one is in room. Can be rpgrammed to turn off appliances in standby mode. Detachable head for ease of use.

Control Your Electric Usage and Save Money

Consumers have depended on the Kill A Watt and the Kill A Watt EZ for years to help them save energy and money. Now with the new Kill A Watt Edge it is easier than ever to gain insight on your consumption with the added experience of new features, for both the average and technically savvy consumer.

The Kill A Watt Edge has all the measuring capabilities of its predecessors. There is an added CO2 function so that you may calculate your Carbon Footprint, and it has a dual display that shows multiple types of information at once. It will even calculate the consumption and cost of your devices when left in standby mode. Once you are familiar with those costs they are easily combatable with the programmable motion sensor, that will shut off your items when you are not in the room. After time the Edge will learn your behaviors and tell you how much you have saved when your devices are in real "off" mode.

The Edge is also easy to read thanks to a tether that allows you to perch your meter nearby the item you are measuring without having to bend over or unplug the device to view data.

In the Box:

  • P4490 Kill-A-Watt Edge
  • Instruction sheet

About manufacturer:

Founded in 1987, P3 International is a privately owned manufacturer of solution oriented consumer products. For the last twenty five years we have strived to develop products that are easy to use and ahead of their time. We are committed to manufacturing high quality products that appeal to a variety of different people, from the environmentally conscious to the more technologically minded consumer.

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