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Viking Rg-10a Ring Booster To 10 Ren Viking Rg-10a Ring Booster To 10 Ren
Viking Rg-10a Ring Booster To 10 Ren
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  SKU# RG-10A L00980
VIKING RG-10A Ring Booster to 10 Ren


VIKING RG-10A Ring Booster to 10 Ren

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Manufacturer: VIKING     

Mfg Part#: RG-10A, RG10A, RG 10A.    Weight: 2.40 lbs

This product is BRAND NEW.


  • Boosts ring to 12 REN
  • Caller ID compatible
  • Easy modular installation
  • Compatible with distinctive ringing services
  • Will not affect normal line operation
  • Reshapes troublesome square wave ringing
  • Capable of boosting talk battery and loop current
  • Features:

  • Ringers and Speakers : Yes
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) : 7.5 inches x 7.5 inches x 4.5 inches
  • Weight : 2.4 lbs
  • Energy Star Qualified : No
  • Recycled Packaging : No
  • Country of Origin : USA (provided by manufacturer, not verified)
  • RoHS Compliant : Yes
  • Type of Packaging : White Box
  • Warranty : 2 year

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    Customer Reviews

    Author: J. Moore    04/04/2014
    I purchased my Viking RG-10A ring booster from The Twister Group in March of 2008 to use with my Earthlink VOIP service. I used it without any problem until I cancelled my Earthlink phone service along with my Earthlink DSL service a couple of months ago. I have been using the RG-10A since then with the ATA that I now use with my new Voip provider, PhonePower. I have 12 old Western Electric Telephones from the 50’s, 60’s, & 70’s all over my house that ring as loud as they did when they were brand new. My Viking RG-10A has been running around the clock 24/7 powering the ringers of 12 real phones for over 6 years now and has not missed a beat. The Viking RG-10A is a great product that I highly recommend to anyone who needs to add some extra phones to their VOIP service and needs more ringing power than their ATA device can provide.
    By the way, I purchased my Viking RG-10A from The Twister Group in 2008 because they were selling them for the best price that I could find online at the time. Mine arrived within 3 days after I placed my order in March of 2008. If you need a RG-10A look no further. Buy it from The Twister Group and you won’t go wrong.

    Author: DAN    05/16/2012

    Author: Barry    05/14/2010
    The Ring Booster is working great. All 12 phones in my house now ring off of the Magic Jack.

    Author: corry    10/01/2009
    i have magicjack and viking its working perfect.

    Author: Charles    10/01/2009
    It worked right out of the box eliminating the very poor ring quality on the five phone in our house.

    Author: R Copeland    01/12/2009
    The Viking RG-10A worked as advertised. I was impressed with the additional ability to boost the talk battery voltage.

    Author: Jon    05/22/2009
    I have 10 phones and devices in my house. Just set up Lingo VOIP phone service. The RG-10A is providing signal, Ring and power to all of theses phones. Working great. Twister fully met my expectations.

    Author: freddy Y    02/23/2011
    This little box rang my 1956 Bell telephone right off the hook using a NetTalk voip system which was impossible before... so it definitely does what it was designed to do....I love the sound of those old Bell phones.....

    Author: Dawn    06/19/2011
    I have VOip and have 5 phones and 2 of them are Rotary. The one rotary phone would not ring loud until I bought the Viking Ring Booster. It works and is extremely easy to setup.

    Author: Dale    06/19/2012
    Have not yet connected my RG-10A, but your ordering process is great and simple, the product arrived sooner than I expected, the packaging was very professional, and the enclosed documentation was complete; the "logistics" from Viking certainly met my expectations. I expect no technical problems with the device.

    Author: Bob P.    07/14/2012
    I have VOIP phone service through AT&T U-verse and had been having intermittant problems with my phones not ringing. Sometimes the caller ID information would not display.

    My home has the equivalent of 7 telephones, but the recommended maximum is no more than 5. I suspect that the extra phones were loading down AT&T's residential gateway (i.e., modem/phone controller).

    After installing the Viking RG-10A ring booster, the intermittant problems stopped. The phones now ring and display caller ID consistently.

    I can hear the mechanical clicking noise of a relay inside the Viking RG-10A and I hope that the relay continues reliable operation for many years.

    The bright red LED ring and off-hook indicators work well and look neat.

    Author: Roger    11/17/2012
    I have Magicjack plus and could only ring one phone. With the Viking ring booster I now ring all six of my phones loud and clear. Works great and simple to hook up. Highly recommended.

    Author: Tim V    11/30/2012
    Blazing fast shipping and great product. Highly recommended seller!

    Author: David Chisholm    06/12/2013
    It was the easiest device to hook up. I have
    3 old dial wall phones and 6 "modern" touch
    tone phones. All my old dial phones ring loud and clear now. A good investment.

    Author: Packman    04/19/2016
    I put this booster in line with my MagicJackGo. All four handsets are now working (both ringing and voice) through my home wiring. CallerID seems to be working as well.

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