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About us

Fast service, efficient processes, and a knowledgeable team

Since 2002 The Twister Group has been providing you, the smart customer, with the best electronic products for the lowest prices. You will find our expertise and ranges are comprehensive, professional, and generous. You will notice our website is easy to use, offering you the best deals on wide array of products, and full of informative and hassle free information. Our aim is to ensure we keep our prices low and our quality high - just for you.

Low prices

You may find that prices for electronic products vary massively from store to store. You will know that it pays to shop around. Some electronics retailers don't negotiate with vendors for you to get you the best price possible. We do!

Would you like to buy from a store that offers you high quality at the lowest prices from the best vendors?

Fast shipping

As with many of the internet stores, once you have paid for your item you can wait and wait and wait for your electronic goods. You may find this frustrating and makes you shop elsewhere. These other retailers seemingly only care about getting your hard-earned cash in their accounts. With larger stores, problems become more frequent.

Our quick delivery offers you:

  • A variety of choices from next day to next week
  • Tailored to your budget and circumstances
  • Gives you the freedom to choose

Does this sound like the breaths of fresh air you need placing you in control of your delivery?

Good customer service

With other discount stores you may find that their customer services aren't up to scratch or that you wait endlessly for a response.

To give you cheap prices some retailers cut down their support services at the cost to you, their under-valued customer. At The Twister Group, we believe that this is just wrong.

Our valued customer services give you:

  • Quick responses
  • Friendly services
  • Helpful solutions

Why should you suffer from inferior customer services just because you're looking for a great deal?

Knowledgeable staff

As you shop around online you will soon find that staff often have little product knowledge and seem to pass questions on to other people. You may at times discover that they never answer your questions at all. Although businesses train their teams in product basics they are more like admin staff or sales personnel. They have a basic understanding, but lack the depth of knowledge needed to offer the best help possible.

Our team is:

  • Knowledgeable and trained
  • Passionate about your products
  • Solution orientated

Would you prefer to buy from a retailer who knows their stuff and can help you solve your problems?

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